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Here are some of the other dj's we work with:

Armin Van Buuren

Dj Amadeus

Alexey Romeo

Benny Bennasi

Dj Boris

Carl Cox

David Guetta


Ferry Corsten



Paul Oakenfold

Peter Bailey

Dj Pushkin

Dj Ruslan

Anthony Webster

Resident Dj's

Beginning his DJ career in 1995 DJ Ruslan is a resident of Boston whose musical style can be summed up as percussive house.

“You go through different stages in your life and in your career. Some changes take place due to personal taste and some are brought out by music evolving. When I started djing I was very into Trance and melodic almost epic music. I stuck to it for about three years. Around 1998 I met another Boston based dj, Matt E Love who owned a record shop Baseline Records in Framingham MA. I found myself spending lots of time there digging through crates and finding new records. I stumbled on a record from Belgium, it was the early tech house sound. It sounded so raw and not as polished but had driving rhythym and a very groovy baseline. I believe one side was by a producer Joff Roach and the other side was by Mac Zims. That was the moment when I had my stylistic shift and started playing more percussive sounding tracks.”

Dj Ruslan has become a regular in some of Boston hotspots. His unique mark has been left upon dozens of venues including Underbar, Felt, Venue, Rumor, Mantra, Umbria and Roxy to name a few. Currently he holds monthly residency in Underbar and Venue (Connecticut). Ruslan has shared stages with DJ Manolo, DJ Boris, Anthony Webster, Joey Bumps, DJ Alexey Romero, Louie Corrales, Matt E Love. Ruslan has also warmed up the crowd at club Tilt for a live performance of Jan Johnson (the voice of Paul Okenfold and BT).

This year, Ruslan has refined his rhythms, playing a blend of his own productions, tracks from his own label Monophonic Records and other cuts from across the divides between House and Techno. Though his dj setup has remained the same for the last three years, he is about to undergo a big technological upgrade.

“I have been using a Pioneer DJM800 and three cd j’s for a few years, but my setup is about to change massively. I have been playing around with Live and Tractor for the last couple of months. I am leaning towards using tractor because it still allows you to change the tracks on the fly. To keep it short, everything I play will be an edit. I will be able to edit tracks on the fly, loop stuff, add acapellas, sort of what I do now but much more detailed. I am hoping to start that mid 2010.”

Ruslan has also teamed up with Anthony Webster and Amos in the studio working on new cuts for his Monophonic Record imprint.

“Monophonic Record is a digital record label I have just started. For now, it is just an outlet for music my friends and I are producing, but hopefully soon I can expand on that.”

DJ Ruslan’s “Organic Environment EP” with a remix by Anthony Webster has landed itself on multiple DJ’s play list in the US. Tracks coming soon from Ruslan are “Wobble to This” co-produced with Anthony Webster and Amos, Toys Dream and Latin Thing.

A constant student of djing, Ruslan’s love for the music motivates him and it shows in the smile on his face as he keeps the dance floor alive and moving.

Make no mistake, 2010 is the year DJ Ruslan got his groove back.


Infectious,  progressive, and groovy.  These are just a few of the words that describe the sound that Anthony Webster delivers.  As a music producer, his discography includes releases on respected dance labels such as NYC's KULT Records, as well as releases that have hit Billboard dance charts, Radio 1, & KTU FM.  He has remixed and produced for some of the industries biggest artists such as Marcie, Tiffany, Blake Lewis, and Frenchie Davis.

As a DJ, he's had the pleasure of playing at some of the best venues on the US' east coast including Boston's Royale and Underbar. You can also catch him mixing every Friday night on Whether he's in the studio or club, he's guaranteed to bring you on a rhythmic journey that you won't be able to resist.


Dj Manolo

Manolo has dedicated more than a decade to mastering his spell over the dance floor, building a vast and intensely loyal hometown audience in the process. His residencies at Boston’s two megaclubs, Avalon and the Roxy, are much more than just credits on his DJ resume – his hard work helped to earn worldwide recognition for both venues. Breaking new ground for Boston clubbers over the course of his unprecedented 8-year residency at Avalon, Manolo played alongside many of the world’s top DJs, including Oakenfold, Sasha, John Digweed, Tall Paul, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Danny Tenaglia, Judge Jules, and Junior Vasquez.

“I really think the music is inside me,” confides Manolo, earnestly leaning forward. Listening to a sneak preview of his latest production and remix work, it takes only a moment to realize just how sincerely – and modestly - he means it. Manolo is not creating some meaningless, atmospheric soundscape or crafting a heady, artistic journey; his music springs entirely from real emotion and real feeling. These are songs intended for big dancefloors, and there is nothing subtle about their impact. It’s really no wonder, then, that it comes from a man who has spent most of his career working in the DJ booths of Boston’s biggest clubs. Survey a club where he spins, and everywhere you look, you’ll find hands raised in the air and a look of rapture on the upturned faces of the crowd. Nowadays, Manolo spends more time locked away in his state of the art recording and production studio with partner Gene Therapy than behind turntables – but he unquestionably brings the same overwhelming sense of joy to his recording work that he brings to his energetic DJ sets.

Manolo makes powerful, driving music, with big feelings and big sounds. Take a spin through his recent re-working of Sasha’s ‘Wavy Gravy’: the kick drum pounds out an insistent rhythm that doesn’t waste time getting anywhere - from the first beat, you’re already there. An earth-shaking bassline provides enough low end to rattle the chest cage of any dancer and enough deep-down funk to get even the most reserved clubgoer into moving. It is Manolo’s melodic touch, however, that stands out above everything else in his recordings. Darkness has long been an integral part of dance music, and Manolo has always sought to find the beauty within it. He combines everything from dark and deadly serious rhythms to lush and uplifting vocals, creating a singular sound of his own. It’s a sound that has caught a great deal of attention, including that of world-renown vocalist Jan Johnston. She enlisted Manolo’s help to write and record a new batch of original songs.

“I don't play my own music,” says Manolo, “because it’s very personal. I make it for myself; it’s therapy. If other people like it and play it, then that’s great! I have fun making it, and that's really my payback. I believe in the music we’re producing, but as far as other people liking it, well, I guess that is always going to be a matter of personal taste.” If the personal tastes of Jan Johnston, Paul Oakenfold, and Paul Van Dyk are a dependable barometer for success, then the dance music world will be hearing a lot more of Manolo’s music very soon. When they first started working together, Jan Johnston heard ‘Lament’, a track that Manolo and Gene Therapy had done together purely for fun. She urged them to send the song to Paul Oakenfold immediately. Oakenfold loved it, and ‘Lament’ quickly went into heavy rotation his playlist. At the 2002 Winter Music Conference in Miami, Paul invited Manolo to a private poolside party at the Surf Club hotel with Madonna. “I was standing at the bar with my wife, Jan, and another friend,” Manolo explains, “and I heard Paul mixing in ‘Lament’ during his live set. I'll never forget that moment. To top it all off, he ended his set with ‘Delirium,’ the first single that we co-wrote with Jan in our studio. Paul also invited us to his Perfecto party at Club Spin, and he spun both of the tracks again!”

Clearly, there are few roles that Manolo has yet to fill in the world of dance music – as a successful DJ, producer, remix artist, in addition to owning and running a local record shop, Manolo has done it all with humility and integrity. He is a gentle, honest, and caring artist with a tremendous passion for music. “Who knows what the future holds,” he concludes on a hopeful note, “but there is one thing that I am sure of: the music has always been and will always be my mistress.”


Joey Bumps

Beginning his Dj career in the late 90’s Joey bumps is a resident of NY who’s music style can be summed up into two words “Hard & heavy”.

Bursting on to the scene in 2000, Joey Bumps quickly became a regular in some of NYC’s super clubs . Holding residencies at club Exit & Area 51 as well as being a regular at Sound Factory, Limelight, Tunnel, Float , Sachi, and Centro Fly.

Having shared the stage with such names as Jonathan Peters, Serge Devant, Christopher Lawrence, and Boris. Joey bumps is no stranger to the biggest clubs in the USA as well as overseas. His ability to read a crowd and bring energy into a room are unmatched , and his hard hitting bass lines and mixture of dirty nyc house and tribal make him a crowd favorite wherever he goes.

These days , Joey bumps can be heard at his weekly residencies NYC , and his once a month residencies in Miami , Las Vegas, and Canada.


Jim Shu

Raised in the suburbs of Boston, Jim Schunemann (a.k.a. Jim Shu) developed a passion for music at an early age, digging through the wall of his father’s records for something to catch his ear. He began making mix tapes of all kinds with his first dual deck doombox at age nine, thus beginning a life-long musical love affair.

A natural drummer and vocalist, Jim’s rhythmic and musical instincts translate to high energy sets and thick, atmospheric and thematic mixes, stunning listeners with creamy smooth transitions, climactic buildups and massive, dancefloor smashing drops.

This drum and bass fanatic also flexes his mixing skills with grimey hip hop, shifty two step, glitchy tech house, and dirty breaks, often all in the same set. Whether you’re bumpin in the headphones or bangin on the dancefloor, Jim Shu has the skills and the style to make your groove everlasting.